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The Dark Knight in dark times

So, I finally caught the new and much-awaited The Dark Knight Rises a few weeks back. Yes, it is too late for a review, and most certainly to annoy anyone with a spoiler, but that’s not the purpose anyway.

So, a week and three days after the movie hit the screens I convinced my otherwise uninterested sister to watch the movie with me.

We headed for the theatre – myself with lots of excitement and her indifferently asking, “So, is there anything I should know about the first two movies?”

Yes, that was my companion! Anyhow, we did manage to catch the movie.

And surprise of all surprises, as we headed out, she turned to me and said, “I actually enjoyed the movie.”

This is the same person who had once said about Harry Potter, “Such hypothetical nonsense.”

So, that got me thinking. What is it about super-hero books and movies that make them so popular?

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